Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sundance Lenny Bruce Doc: Swear to Tell the Truth

Narrated by Robert De Niro (seriously!)
written and directed by Robert B. Wilde
(you may remember that name from the eps of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" he directed)

Each part runs approx 25 minutes
Click to watch each part below full screen or onsite below that.

Click to view part one
Click to view part two
Click to view part three
Click to view part four
 review from: mphillips3925:
That Lenny Bruce represents one of the most important cultural figures in the twentieth century can be verified by a scan of the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band" cover art. Lenny's there, honored by the Beatles as one of their chief inspirations. Modern-day-comedy, from Richard Pryor to Bill Hicks to any episode of "South Park" would be unimaginable if Bruce had not first blazed the trail. His bitter attacks on hypocritical moralism, segregation, and sexual double-standards were as far ahead of his comic contemporaries as James Joyce was ahead of his fellow novelists. This documentary is the best film on Lenny, even besting the excellent Dustin Hoffman biopic, which failed to capture Bruce's incredible wit. Robert DeNiro's voice-over provides a nice counterpoint to the comedy footage and the interviews are revealing. The editing is seamless, enhancing the intimate cinematography. Hopefully, this will soon be released on DVD.

Robert De Niro ... Himself / Narrator (voice)

Steve Allen ... Himself
Honey Bruce Friedman ... Herself
Kitty Bruce ... Herself
Lenny Bruce ... Himself (archive footage)
JoJo D'Amore ... Himself
John Dolan ... Himself
Martin Garbus ... Himself
Jackie Gayle ... Himself
Nat Hentoff ... Himself
Paul Krassner ... Himself
Richard Kuh ... Himself
Sally Marr ... Herself
Frankie Ray ... Himself
Maynard Sloate ... Himself

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