Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gilligan's Island animated sequel: Gilligan's Planet: Watch 2 eps online

From 1982 Filmation come's the second animated sequel to Gilligan's Island.

Here's the low down: The professor builds a wooden space ship (seriously!) in an attempt to escape the island. Problem is they over shoot and wind up marooned on a planet. I'm still serious here folks.

It gets even more bizarre with one episode where their antics get them marooned on an island on the alien planet which caused Gilligan to remark "First we were stranded on an island, then we were stranded on a planet, and now we're stranded on an island on a planet". Like the first island wansn't on a planet first good buddy but perhaps I'm over thinking this...

Yeah...I have to stop thinking about this or my head's going to explode. So sit back and, uhm, enjoy two eps of the "classic" animated series "Gilligan's Planet"

Turnabout Is Fair Play - Ep02

Journey To The Center Of Gilligan's Planet - Ep04

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