Sunday, March 25, 2012

CBS passes on comedy pilots from Conan O'Brien and Louis CK

CBS has passed on pilots they greenlit for Conan O'Brien (in conjunction with Warner Brothers) and Louis C.K.

"Super Fun Night" (Producers: Conan O’Brien, Jeff Ross, David Kissinger, co-executive producer Rebel Wilson) would have followed Rebel Wilson and a group of friends as they try to have "SUPER FUN every Friday night".

The "UNTITLED LOUIS CK/SPIKE FERESTEN PROJECT" from FX's Louie star Louie C.K. and Spike Feresten (writer on Seinfeld and co-creator of the failed Michael Richards Show) would have featured a group of young artists trying to succeed in bad economic times.

Will another network pick them up? Should they? When CBS passed on Ringer last year their sister network made the unusual move in picking up the show however the ratings results have been less than stellar.

Since the CW skews to younger viewers both these shows make it possible they may be interested however they seem to have little interest in comedy generally.

Source: The Wrap

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